Governor M. Jodi Rell
 Please answer this question and then tell me ConnecticutWorkers Compensation is not corrupt.
1.) "Let them eat cake"
2.) "Get the message"
3.) "Holiday message for Injured Workers Governor"

Forget gambling, drug trafficking and prostitution.

"The latest organized "crime" is conspiring to defraud injured employees of their workers compensation benefits"



One Connecticut Attorney Gets It

"you heard testimonies on what these injuries do to a family. It's totally devastating to a family, it literally rips them apart."

"Serious questions exist concerning the fairness and adequacy of present workers' compensation laws..."

Mary Bailey 2007 Letter to Lawmakers

Misconceptions about workers compensation
and injured workers  

" The hankering to keep secrets is the unmistakable sign of a government suspicious of the people."
Opinion,, Kevin Rennie

"workers compenation provides no effective remedy and is therefore unconstitutional in it's application" "Injured Workers" -
Killed us in 1993, hasn't stopped
A World of Hurt
What they find  is a subbasement of the legal world
What do Commissioners do Fridays?
Public Meeting WC Commish
District 1 Comp Htfd 3-25-09
Comp Office 999 Asylum Ave. Hartford CT March 2009 Protest Photos
One Corrupt Connecticut Governor down, one to go.
            State Corruption
Workers Compensation Statutes YOUR RIGHTS ARE here
 CRB Appeal Trial Decisions here
The Workers Compensation System does NOT enforce it's own laws and statutes already in place for the benefit of injured workers:                            Manifesto W.C.
What do you know about Workers Compensation?  Take Test
That is exactly what the author said about you..Governor Rell
"I smell a rat" ....   find out who the rat     
      Nationwide Insurance Crooks      
Four Years After
 The Corruption continues

 No End in Sight
"Broke my back the other day. Workers' Comp said go away."
Newest Connecticut  WC Commissioner Credentials
Crime and Corruption in CT
Rells newly appointed Worker Compensation Commissioner is from the stinking Nationwide Ins.

Getting 40 Gold Coins and a Role in a  Corrupt Governors Downfall

Next Meeting of Workers Compensation Public Hearing
May 4, 2009

"CEOs get contracts that protect their wages and benefits but  deny their employees the same opportunity."
Keep digging.

"I consider myself to be a Workers Compensation Victim, rather than a recipient."

 "Before my injury, I was acitve in sports and my community. As a result of my injury I lost my job, my health, home and dignity."

"It felt like something inside of me had died."

A reduction in our  hazardous duty workman's compensation benefits would send a clear message to all law enforcement officers that   80% of your support will reduce to 80% of our effort.

 I've been to the Governor's Office,

I've been to Program Review.

 I've been up to Mr. Blumenthal's Office.

I've been to  Chief Inspector's Office.

I don't know anybody else to turn to

Connecticut State Capitol April 2009

National Commission on State Workers' Compensation Laws Act of 2009  HR 635 IH                 BACA BILL   

DEATH on the L I R  R :  "Portrait  of  Boiling  Resentment" 
"And in the last several months, he would call state workers compensation officials and the offices of Gov. Mario M. Cuomo and Lieut. Gov. Stan Lundine
to complain about his compensation case stemming from a job injury in 1989." NY Times 1993
the Transit Authority is going to kill me.
That night he died of a heart attack

The appeals court ruled in 2005 that his death had been caused in part by the agency unlawful coercion and a disgraceful conduct in resisting his claim. April 1, 2009

How many more have to die?

A client of mine recently took her own life while heraward of permanent total disability benefits was held up pending a frivolous appeal by the insurance company.

Supreme Court Rules for Injured Worker- Emma Murray v. Mariners Health

RN (disabled by a WC System)
Does anyone care that people lose everything they have worked their ENTIRE LIFE FOR? Some are in so much pain emotionally and physically they COMMIT SUICIDE ?

Do you really think we are making this stuff up?
Lawyer skips hearing, injured worker


George Bush Day (flys in)
2008 Kent Connecticut Republican
fund raiser at Henry Kissengers home.
Workers Compensation medical exams are FRAUD

February 2002 jury awarded her $7.67 million, including $5 million in punitive damages.

Still, for another eight months she continued to live in poverty while UnumProvident, the nation's largest disability insurance firm,

Appealed the verdict

ATTY. STEVEN EMBRY: You asked me about fraud. What I'm telling you is the biggest source of fraud in the system is in insurance companies that don't pay valid claims on a timely basis, and that the fraud
you should be out after investigating that.

ATTY. STEVEN EMBRY:  Yeah, I will.  The sound that you hear in the State of Connecticut now is swords being beaten into plow shares.  Unfortunately the  business alliance wants to beat those swords over
the workers' heads.  They get to keep the shield of
workers' compensation while the worker gets the sword.

Full Text Sentate Testimony by Steven Ebrry

Rellsmells Capitol 2
Adios amigos - sooner the better
February 26, 2009 Testimony to Labor Committee
Have you seen this sign?
Take it to the court
March 4, 2008 Testimony to Labor Committee
Everyday Workers Compensation Heros
'Mad Bomber'
For 16 years in the 1940s and 1950s, George Metesky, the so-called Mad Bomber, concealed bombs around New York in a rage precipitated by the rejection of his Workers Compensation claim. March 30, 2009               
Meatball Justice
Comparing Supreme Court, say, to this [workers comp] is like comparing a hospital to a MASH unit, A lot of it is meatball justice.              
Mary Bailey FLA Letter to CT Legislators
Mary Bailey Ins. Carriers Win - Workers Loose

"The crime of homicide doesn't just take place in the hood during drug deals."  “Workers’ Comp writes the book for the doctors to read “How to Treat the Claimantâ€�: Discourage, Dismiss, Refuse and Alienate
 Depraved Indifference       

      National Organization of Injured Workers

…�Nothing is done about the multi-billion dollar racket of insurance fraud committed by insurance companies.�

This Workers Compensation case will rip your heart out.  She is a Billy.  PAY FOR HER SURGERY! Her injury and abusive treatment in CT Workers Compensation is practically indentical to paybillys', except she has been -----------   forever denied.
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General
What to you think of him?    How about
Call Governor Rell and tell her to Paybilly and  other injured workers. 
860-566-4840 and toll-free 800-406-1527
Calling all witnesses - email or regular mail Paybilly PO 3951, Manchester, Ct 06045
Do you still think we are making this stuff up?

"To insure that employees receive no more care than necessary,
at the lowest possible cost."

My name is Larry Nign from Southern California. I am a victim of fraud and have been denied the rights afforded me by the United States constitution, all for monetary gain of a California state agency.
My state fraud story

Where were you when I was begging for help with WC? Where were you for the past EIGHT years? OH you were WARM (NO PUN), your bills were being paid, your FAMILY was not suffering because you couldn't WORK. Donna Gilman RN (disabled by CORRUPT WC)

'Timeline of intential delayed payments'

Employer fined $ 100.00 for 9 year delay

Permanent Partial Disability Workers’ Compensation Benefits—Hypothetical Office of Leg. Research
"There's just som many gimmicks and ways for them to twist these laws around.  How are we/you going to straighten it out?

There is nobody really wanting to look into it."

Connecticut Secret Citizen Suspect Sheet Exists
“Eighty percent of the legislators here have some form of corruption, whether in their background or right now,” the intern for three House Democrats said at Tuesday’s forum..."
Watch the video testimony....


"The injuries hurt her.  Workers Compensation System really destroyed her"      Husband pleads to Connecticut Labor Committee for relief...Clink link, choose March 4, 2008 Labor Committee, dial in 2:51:19 (hour 2, minute 51, second 19)         CT-N Testimony 2:51:19
Rell favors business interests, not workers, for lost wages, medical and death benefits.....Workers Compensation
“The Connecticut Business and Industry Association does not believe in the integrity of the average worker.  The average worker does not go to work to make false (Workers Compensation) claims.  He goes to work to earn a living and if he gets injured he wants to be covered. “ Senator Edwin Gomes
"I have been in the wrong wheelchair for 10 months.  I think Connecticut Workers Compensation System is broken.  It's Criminal".   CT-N Testimony 1:27:01
"There is something wrong with this situation that allows your condition to continue".  Senator Edith Prague

Connecticut Constitution Article Two:

SEC. 2. "All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit; and they have at all times an undeniable and indefeasible right to alter their form of government in such manner as they may think expedient."

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Christmas 2008 at Governors Mansion - Rot in Hell
Expenses rise over $ 600,000/yr at mansion

You know who

Visit your State Senators.  Stafford Springs CT 2008


Sleaze factor. As many experts in the field have pointed out to me, the laws themselves, while complex, are not unjust it’s the application of the laws, the actual handling of claims in the workers comp system, that’s corrupt and unfair. The real claim cost drivers are defense attorney fees due to excessive litigation by insurance companies fighting every claim. Forbid an insurance company from negotiating away penalties with claimant attorneys in order to achieve a settlement. Make the penalties for harassing a worker who files a claim non-negotiable and as severe as those for discrimination against the handicapped.

Just consider the level of corruption that impedes the reform of the workers comp system in California alone.  In 2000 the D.A. s workers comp section, charged with investigating fraud, solely focused on workers and never even went after insurer’s  an article in the L.A. Times published August 8 of that year revealed how the committee had been secretly funded by insurers and employers.  Fremont Insurance, formerly the state’s largest workers’ comp carrier, which recently went belly-up Enron style, once quietly settled a case for 10,000 fraudulently backdated workers comp claims in 1996.

Michael Eric Stein (Author of Continuous Trauma)